Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Improve the water in your life
AM Plumbing is an authorized dealer for Water-Right water treatment systems. Water-Right systems eliminate your home’s hard water with proper water conditioning.

  • Water-Right solutions for all kinds of water problems
  • Water softening for scale
  • Iron filtration for staining and metallic taste
  • Filters and conditioners to treat acidic water
  • Sulphur removal for odors
  • Conditioners to remove bacteria

Save money with soft water

By removing the minerals in your water, you can save money on your energy bills by reducing the energy consumption of your water heater. Soft water is easier on your appliances and will not clog them like hard water will. Soft water does not use as much detergent to wash your dishes or laundry like hard water does. Your fixtures will also last longer because soft water does not cause as much wear and tear.

Do you know the condition of your water?

If you are interested in improving the condition of your water, look to the experienced professionals of AM Plumbing. Your water will be tested on-site and we can provide you with our recommendations for improving your water’s quality.

Quality water can save you money

  • Water testing
  • Water conditioners
  • R.O. systems

Water-Right’s Mission

Since beginning in 1963, Water-Right’s mission has focused extensively on treating problem water. That mission has continually driven the Water-Right team to think beyond conventional materials and equipment. As a result, Water-Right has secured a reputation as an innovative and dynamic manufacturer of highly effective water treatment solutions — solutions to which no other manufacturer in the industry can compare. Water-Right’s systems are built in the USA. If you are considering a Kenetico, Aqua-Pure or Rainsoft system compare it to Water-Right and see how we stack up.


24/7 Emergency Service

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